viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

All with friends

Nick Vujicic the history of the man without hands and without legs

Vujicic has now 27 years, is constant in his labor of helping, by means of Life Without Limbs, an organization that founded in 2005 and that crosses the world giving motivation and inspiration to the persons without extremities.

His life was full of difficulties. One of them was not to be able to come to a normal school in spite of not having mental disabilities, but Nick was first one of the disabled students in migrating to a normal school. It learned to write using both fingers in his left "foot", and there uses a device that gets in his bigger finger to support things. It learned to use the computer and to be bad with the method " heel and toe " (demonstrated in his chats). Also it can throw balls of tennis, answer the telephone, in the swimming pool, surfeando and up to playing to the golf.

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